Popular Outdoor Living Features

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Planning an outdoor living area in a location with particularly nice weather is an incredible opportunity. What you need and what you do not need for outdoor living is of course up to you to decide. If you want to enjoy sitting in a cozy chair and admiring the sight of your garden, host backyard picnics, have fun with your kids outside, here are some ideas of outdoor living features that will help you in your planning designs.

Picture of a backyard brick patio.
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1. Outdoor Kitchen

A popular idea of an outdoor living feature is an outdoor kitchen. It is complete if it has burners, sink, stonework counters and a large barbecue. If you love throwing picnics and backyard parties, you should seriously consider getting a barbecue. It enables you to spend time with your family and friends while preparing food as well as keep your house cool during the hot summer days. Basically, you can choose between two types of barbecue – gas and charcoal-powered versions. Which one to choose is up to your personal preferences although many people claim that charcoal barbecue gives the food a distinct flavor whereas, gas is cleaner and easy to operate. The outdoor kitchen comes in various designs and others are custom designed according to your preference.


2. Garden parasol

Unless you have a naturally shaded outdoor living area, a garden parasol is a must if you really want to spend the entire summer outdoors. It will not only make the hot summer days less unbearable and provide you with a pleasantly cool shade but it will also protect you, your family members and guests from the harmful ultraviolet light. It does not only cause painful burns but it has also been linked to increased risk of skin cancer.


3. Fireplace

During a chilly weather, having a fireplace area at your backyard could curb the cold and make it more efficient to chill with your family and friends at the back of your home. Most people use the three stone techniques which is fast and easier to make.


4. Gaming Areas

If you have kids, you better take care for fun outdoors because kids are incredibly active human beings who seem to be the unhappy people in the world if they have to sit still for five minutes. Some of outside games you could include in your backyard are horseshoes, tennis or even volleyball. If you have enough space, a swing, climbing frame, trampoline or other outdoor fun will most certainly be appreciated by the kids.


5. Pools

At hot climates, it creates the need to have a pool in your backyard where you can refresh and cool off after a long day. It provides a playing ground for children, a space to hold parties for friends and family and also for various occasions like weddings or graduation parties etc.


6. Garden set 

An outdoor living area without a stylish and comfortable garden set is unimaginable. If you’re old one no longer provides you with a beautiful or comfortable place to sit and enjoy outdoors, it is a good idea to consider buying a new one. Also planting flowers on sides of your walkways create an amazing site. The offer is enormous and finding one that meets you taste for aesthetic appeal, and your specific needs will not be a problem. High-quality garden sets which are made from top quality materials such as teak pay off in the long term since they last a lifetime. The garden can focus on the beautiful plants that are an attraction of their own and also the fragrance.


7. Water features

Having either a small lake or a pond in your backyard makes it an attractive site. It has less maintenance compared to a pool. You could populate it with fish or any other water creatures that are absolutely safe for the environment and also your safety. You can have a custom made pond designed by an experienced contractor.

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