Things to do in Nashville While You Are With Your Family

Picture of Downtown Nashville
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Your whole family can enjoy the ride of Nashville cab with the scenic locations & beautiful destinations present around the city. Nashville is a music city which can provide you the hands-on experience for the exploration of music. Some of the popular places to visit in Nashville are shown below.

Picture of the entrance to the Nashville Adventure Science Museum
The Adventure Science Center | Nashville, TN

The Adventure Science Center

By visiting the adventure science center, you will be able to discover some of the top wonders of the world in the space chase. The adventure science center can show you how your body will work in Body Quest. Take the much-needed experience of adventure tower, state of the art Sudekum Planetarium and Space wing.


Nashville Zoo

By taking the ride of Nashville taxi, you can visit the Nashville Zoo at the Grasmere which is an animal adventure for the group of all ages. Here you can ride the Wilderness Express, swing & climb at the Jungle-Gym & explore some beautiful habitats of nature. Here, you can also see animals from all corners of the world including some African elephants, Caribbean flamingos & amazing South Asian tigers. You can visit the zoo like never before with Nashville cab.


Lane Motor Museum

It is one of the best and few museums in America who is specialized in providing you the services related to the European cars. You can see around 150 cars & motorbikes that are not typically seen in the US from many years on their display. You can see the substantial microcar collections, unique vehicles, military vehicles and the collection of motorcycles.


Nashville Children’s Theater

It can provide you and your children a feeling of joy by the professional adult actors with years around drama workshops. It is one of the top 5 children’s theaters in the US according to TIME magazine.


Explore the home of people’s president

You can explore Nashville’s past by touring the home of the people’s president Andrew Jackson. Here you will be able to find some seasonal activities & special tours. Also, you can learn about the civil war at the Tennessee state Museum.

Explore the city of music

Engage with the city of music by visiting country music hall of fame & museum with taxi Nashville. Take a look at the shows of some legendary musicians at Bluebird Cafe. You can find Americana music festival, Musicians Corner, CMA awards, etc. on the autumn calendar of Nashville. Apart from that with Nashville taxi service, you will be able to find some amazing sporting events of football, hockey, and rugby.

Lastly, the next step is deciding what to do. The best thing about Nashville is all the free entertainment. Almost no bars have over charges. Stroll down Broadway and let your ear be your guide. You will hear some of the best music anywhere coming out of these honky-tonks. The most amazing thing is that the musicians all play for tips only. They receive nothing from the bar, except maybe a beer or two. Since the music is free, be sure to get a wad of ones to throw in all the buckets. The artists will be appreciative and willing to play any requests you have.

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